• Coping strategies of women with breast cancer

      Kay, Margarita A.; Hackman, Marcia (The University of Arizona., 1988)
      An ethnographic study was utilized to identify coping strategies of women with breast cancer. Five women were interviewed; four were interviewed on three separate occasions, and one was interviewed twice. The data were analyzed for specific coping strategies taken by the women to deal with the stresses of breast cancer. These strategies were compared and organized into categories of coping strategies: Actions Taken, Emotional Support, Positive Outcomes, Getting Control, and Keeping a Positive Attitude. These five categories were integrated as new coping incidents appeared in the data. The original five categories were merged into three categories: Getting Control, Compensating, and Emotional Support. From these three categories the theory was written: Women with breast cancer will obtain support, get control over what they can control, and compensate for what they cannot control.