• Preservice Agriculture Teachers Development of Knowledge of Content and Students During Their Student Teaching Experience

      Rice, Amber M.; Argueta, Arthur; Molina, Quintin; Mars, Matt; Kaczowka, Angela (The University of Arizona., 2018)
      The central research question that guided this study was: how does PCK develop in the area of KCS within the unit of plant growth and development among Arizona agriculture preservice teachers? This research was conducted using a multi-case study design where each preservice teacher served as an individual case. Five preservice teachers were interviewed, observed teaching a lesson and had lesson plans analyzed throughout the student teaching experience. There were 6 major themes that emerged from the data: evolving beliefs of agricultural education, underutilization of lesson plans, emphasis on hands-on “learning”, student motivation is primarily external, instruction shifts from teacher preferences to student needs, and college classes as the dominate source of content knowledge. These themes support future research on KCS development over the course of a teachers’ career including experienced teacher KCS development. Additionally, further exploration into the influence of hands-on education in agricultural education is needed. Recommendations for practice include: increased focus on knowledge of students in preservice education, clear instruction on how to break down content for high school students, and deep, consistent reflections to encourage belief development over the student teaching experience.