• Parametric Opto-Mechanical Performance Analysis of Mounted Lenses Under Thermal Loading

      Kim, Dae Wook; Kadlec, Kal; Kim, Dae Wook; Missoum, Samy; Oh, Chang Jin (The University of Arizona., 2017)
      Mounting of lenses in opto-mechanical assemblies can create surface figure errors and refractive index changes through thermal and pre-load stresses. As lenses and barrels change in size under temperature changes, the optical performance degrades due to stress and surface deformations. Currently there is no way of determining the effect of these mechanical perturbations on the system wavefront without performing tedious finite element analysis. Most in-depth opto-mechanical analyses involve case-by-case studies with specific designs while previous general studies fail to take into account the complex geometries. The assumptions made by previous general studies ignore the effects of lens shape. These omissions can have a large effect on the stiffness, stress and surface figure error. A parametric model can combine the best of both an in-depth and general study. By parametrizing the model, a simple analysis can be executed for approximating the environmental-mechanical effects on optical performance. This eliminates the time it takes for an opto-mechanical design to be iterated for an optical or mechanical engineer. This tool could be used for early opto-mechanical design or for finite element analysis verification. The parametric model allows the exploration of the broader design study without confining it to a local design space.