• Simulating Crack Initiation and Propagation in Ceramic Matrix Composites using Peridynamics

      Madenci, Erdogan; MITTS, CODY AARON; Missoum, Samy; Naboulsi, Samir (The University of Arizona., 2019)
      This study uses Peridynamics (PD) to predict the crack propagation in ceramic matrix composites (CMC). This investigation employs both the strong and weak form of the PD equations of motion. The solution approach based on the strong form of PD was applied to three-dimensional models. The weak form was developed to apply natural and essential boundary conditions. It was subsequently applied to axisymmetric problems. Both solution methods were executed using a high-performance computer to simulate the damage propagation of a CMC. For both approaches the results indicate that the critical stress ratio and fracture energy ratio between the coating and matrix have a strong influence on crack deflection in a CMC. Also, it was observed that the smaller these ratios are the earlier the crack deflection in the coating occurs.