• Plastic mulch and water level effects on a drip irrigated summer squash Cucurbita pepo L. cvr. "Commander"

      Valenzuela-Islas, Mirna.; Fangmeier, Del; Jensen, Merle; O'Leary, James (The University of Arizona., 1993)
      "Commander" hybrid summer squash Cucurbita Depo L. was evaluated in a randomized complete block design, at the Campus Agricultural Center of the University of Arizona. Four plastic treatments were drip-irrigated with three water levels. The plastic treatments were: 1. Co-extruded Black/White plus Cover(B/W); 2. Al-OR Brown wavelength-selective plus Cover (BR); 3. Cover only (COV) and 4. Bare soil (BS) and the three water levels were: 1. Dry (0.50bars), 2.Medium (0.35bars) and 3. Wet (0.20bars). The results showed no significant differences due to the water level. The main effect was due to the plastic treatments. Plant height was significantly greater in B/W, BR and COV compared with BS. The number of male flowers was significantly greater with B/W (21%) and BR (20%) compared with COV and BS. The mid-season total and market yields were significantly greater with B/W and BR than with COV and BS. However, the total and market yields at the end of the season were significantly greater with B/W, followed by BR, COV, and BS.