Pacheco Gómez, Rodolfo, 1956- (The University of Arizona., 1987)
      This thesis is a contribution to the existing knowledge of the nature of the scour hole around bridge piers. The analysis is based on the fictitious, long contraction concept developed by Dr. Emmett M. Laursen. This concept and its equation has been used herein to determine the size of rip-rap particles which will reduce the local scour at bridge piers. Evaluation of the parameters involved in it is required for sizing the rocks in a prototype. Values such as approach velocity, water depth, average diameter of the rip-rap particles in the scour, and geometry of the pier are among the values to be known. Both a graphic and an analytical procedure are proposed as a means to find the size of particles to be used as protection. The discussion and conclusions derived from this investigation will be of great help to civil engineers working in the field of river engineering.