• Duration of zoospore motility of pythium species in situ

      Stanghellini, Michael E.; Quaempts, Rex Matthew, 1962- (The University of Arizona., 1987)
      Motile zoospores of P. dissotocum and P. catenulatum were added to 20 and 60 mesh silica sand and a sandy loam soil to investigate the duration of motility. Both Pythium species remained motile for up to 24 hours in all soil textures tested. However, the duration and percentage of the motile population varied depending upon the soil type and species tested. The duration of survival of motile and encysted zoospores of P. dissotocum and P. catenulatum in air dried and saturated sterile silica sand was also tested. P. dissotocum, under air dried conditions, did not survive while P. catenulatum was capable of surviving 4 and 16 days as motile and encysted zoospores, respectively. Both fungi could be recovered at high percentages after 5 weeks under saturated conditions. The survival structure is believed to be in the form of a zoospore cyst.