• Evaluating the effectiveness of a community water conservation demonstration/education project: Casa del Agua, Tucson, Arizona

      France, Glenn William,1948-; Waterstone, Marvin; Saarinen, Thomas; Plane, David (The University of Arizona., 1989)
      A sample population of single family residents living in Eastern Pima County, Arizona, that is the Tucson area, was examined to evaluate the effectiveness of a water conservation education tour. This tour is conducted at the Casa del Aqua water conservation research and public education house. Two populations were examined utilizing questionnaire surveys: a study group comprising the tour participants, and a control group of randomly selected Tucson area homeowners. Major findings included the following: (1) there were no significant initial differences between the control and study groups in terms of water conservation awareness, attitudes, knowledge seeking, or behavior adoptions; (2) the educational tour promotes increased water conservation awareness, generally positive shifts in water conservation attitudes, continued water conservation knowledge seeking, and increased water conservation structural response; and (3) the oral presentation of water conservation information, was more effective in promoting water conservation changes than a video tape presentation of the same material.