• A preprocessor for static and dynamic finite element analysis

      Desai, C. S.; Tadakamalla, Venkateshwar Rao, 1965- (The University of Arizona., 1991)
      In this research an INTERACTIVE, MENU-DRIVEN, COMPUTER GRAPHICS preprocessor for a two-dimensional Static and Dynamic Finite Element Analysis program has been developed. The preprocessor is capable of meshing virtually all two-dimensional topologies. The program facilitates the user to describe the geometry by simple means of points, edge curves and simple subregions. The program possesses both automatic and manual meshing options. The program is also capable of renumbering the nodes for bandwidth reduction. The preprocessor has additional menu-structures to input the data other than geometry data as required by the Finite Element Analysis program, SSTDYN. The program can be driven either by mouse or keyboard. The preprocessor was used to create mesh for the dynamic finite element analysis of an existing dam in India. The dam has been checked against liquefaction during earthquake loading.