• Two-dimensional device simulation of junction termination structures for determination of breakdown behavior

      Cellier, Francois E.; Tan, Leong Hin, 1957- (The University of Arizona., 1989)
      In this work, we have investigated numerical techniques to determine the breakdown behavior of complex semiconductor devices using two-dimensional simulation. In particular, we have augmented the device simulator SEPSIP with a capability for handling single and multiple floating field rings, and for handling devices with slanted edges. We have furthermore improved the grid width selection algorithm in SEPSIP. A capability for plotting equi-field contours was added to the code. Finally, all system dependencies were removed from the SEPSIP code, and a new version of SEPSIP (Version 2.0) was generated which can be executed on any PC/XT, PC/AT, or PC/386 compatible computer. This eliminates the need for transfering files back and forth between the PC, which had formerly been used as an I/O processor, and the VAX, which was used for numerically intensive computations. It also makes the code more accessible to scientists and engineers who are working in this important research area.