• Condensed Chaos

      Zielinski, Angela; Dahlke, Ashley; Vaden, Cerese; Zielinski, Angela; Bradford, Carlton; Moore, Sarah; Leslie, Kelly (The University of Arizona., 2019)
      The relationship we have with objects is one that is often quite complex. Things that we own can bring us feelings of joy, nostalgia, comfort, melancholy, and can become burdensome. Objects that we choose to surround ourselves with gives insight into who we are and can become portals to our past experiences and memories. Condensed Chaos looks at objects found in thrift stores and resale shops and how their proximity to other objects creates a range of narratives about who the previous owners were and what the life of the object once was.
    • Silent like Snowfall: A Retrospective on Memory and Self

      Zielinski, Angela M.; Krause, Janelle Lorraine; Zielinski, Angela M.; Setzer, Gary; Vaden, Cerese; Christiana, David (The University of Arizona., 2017)
      I believe art should express things which cannot be easily or entirely explored with words. For me, memory and unconscious mental processes are such matters. Memory is imperfect and impermanent, yet it greatly influences our day-to-day decisions. My memories of fiber art, altered and nostalgic, set me on my path to weaving and the pursuit of fine art. Silent like snowfall: A Retrospective on Memory and Self, explores the memories and concepts behind Silent like snowfall, a woven installation which creates the theoretical space in our minds which houses remnants of memories.