• Real time remote microscope control over the Internet

      Martinez, Ralph; Waddel, Matt Burns, 1960- (The University of Arizona., 1992)
      Telepathology systems were developed to allow pathologists to perform remote diagnosis and consultations. These systems have the following essential components; a remote controlled microscope, a video processing system, a communication link, and a user interface and display. This thesis defines a telepathology communication system based on the Internet network. The basic telepathology system problems were addressed: (1) Determining available network bandwidth, (2) Investigating video image compression, (3) Developing a user interface and display. A software model of the telepathology system was tested. Results demonstrated that, depending on the location on the Internet, only about 40 Kbps and 1.1 Mbps of bandwidth can be obtained. Using an image compression algorithm that reduces images to one twentieth their original size does not reduce bandwidth requirements enough to have real-time video image updates. Current capabilities are about 5 frames per second. A 5 Mbps network is required for full motion video.