• Near real-time irrigation scheduling using the Bowen ratio technique

      Yitayew, Muluneh; Yagi, Kazuhiko, 1957- (The University of Arizona., 1989)
      The actual evapotranspiration rate for wheat at the Campus Agriculture Center (CAC) and alfalfa at the Maricopa Agricultural Center (MAC) were measured using the Bowen ratio technique for near real-time irrigation scheduling. The Bowen ratio method underestimated evapotranspiration when compared with AZMET and Penman data. There were problems with the hygrometer and the net radiometer which might have caused this underestimation. The height-fetch ratio requirement was not met, and this may have affected the data. Irrigation scheduling programs and the technique to schedule irrigation in a near real-time were developed. Irrigation programs were not field tested because of the problem with field data. Simulated data was successfully used to demonstrate its application. It was found that irrigation could be scheduled in a near real-time with the programs provided reliable data and proper data acquisition systems are used.