• Development and evaluation of a dynamic phantom using four independently perfused in vitro kidneys as a tool for investigating hyperthermia systems

      Roemer, Robert B.; Zaerr, Jon Benjamin, 1963- (The University of Arizona., 1989)
      A dynamic phantom for use in investigating hyperthermia heating systems has been designed, constructed, and tested. A computer controlled the flow rate of 80% Ethanol to each of 4 preserved in vitro canine kidneys which acted as the phantom material. The flow rates were regulated with stepper motor controlled valves and measured with flow meters by the computer. This provided a flexible system for adjusting the perfusion as desired. The system was tested with step and ramp changes in perfusion under constant power ultrasound and with a temperature controlled perfusion algorithm, all of which yielded repeatable results. The dynamic phantom developed in this work shows potential for expediting investigations of hyperthermia controllers, temporal blood flow patterns, and inverse problems. Its computer based nature gives it great flexibility which would lend itself well to automated testing procedures.