• Dial-up use of electronic databases by community college students

      Hirsh, Sandra G.; Zagar, Christopher Michael, 1965- (The University of Arizona., 1997)
      During the Spring 1997 semester, students at Glendale Community College in Glendale, Arizona were surveyed on their use of dial-up access to electronic databases provided by libraries. In addition, the community college and public libraries in Maricopa County were surveyed to determine which electronic databases they provide by dial-up access. Comparison between these two forms of data collection revealed that a rich variety of electronic databases are available to community college students. Many of the students have the equipment required to take advantage of these resources, combined with a desire to use these resources to increase the flexibility of their options for performing research. The greatest barrier to use was a lack of realization that such resources were available. Community college libraries should advertise access information to make students aware of these options.