• The Music of Children of the Revolution: The State of Music and Emergence of the Underground Music in the Islamic Republic of Iran with an Analysis of its Lyrical Content

      Hudson, Leila; Zahir, Sanam; Betteridge, Anne; Newhall, Amy (The University of Arizona., 2008)
      Lyrics of the newly emerged underground music provide us with a first hand account of youth life in the Islamic Republic; a lifestyle that shocks those who have not lived in contemporary Iran and a rhetoric that challenges what the international community believes. From singing about their nightlife and relationships to socio-economical and political issues, Iranian artists are using their music as a vehicle of self expression and resistance. Examination of the genres and lyrical content of both authorized and underground music in Iran shows that the Islamic government's policies and restrictions on music has not limited or prevented the growth of music. Musicians have been obliged to create Iranian music different from the pre-revolutionary music is terms of rhythm and content, resulting in the growth of Iranian music and emergence of different genres and lyrical content unique to post-revolution Islamic Iran.