• Development of a Mixing Layer Downstream of a Lambda Notched Splitter Plate

      Wygnanski, Israel; Zalewski, Nicholas; Tumin, Anatoli; Little, Jesse (The University of Arizona., 2013)
      The streamwise growth rate of the mixing layer downstream of a splitter plate with a 60° swept lambda notch and velocity ratio of 0.5 was spanwise independent and self-preserving once the velocity deficit from the splitter plate had disappeared. It was hypothesized the baseline mixing layer had a rapidly divergent growth component normal, and a non-divergent component parallel to the trailing edge of the notch. The streamwise growth rate of flow was not dependent on the spanwise dependence of the boundary layer. For forced cases the interaction of waves propagating from the oscillating flaperons influenced the streamwise growth rate of mixing layer. The forced case had a divergent growth component parallel to the trailing edge associated with streamwise rib vortices. The initial growth stages of the forced cases of this turbulent 3D mixing layer were dependent on the local Strouhal Number; similar to certain 2D cases.