• Tucson's Zoom Records and Late-1950s American Urban Popular Culture

      Sturman, Janet; Kruse, Daniel R.; Rosenblatt, Jay; Seckinger, Beverly (The University of Arizona., 2012)
      The marketing and distribution of pre-recorded music for sale and public consumption is a cultural development as profound as any in the twentieth-century musical world. It is especially relevant to late-1950s American rock and roll, in terms of the music's capture in the rapidly-evolving environment of the recording studio, its release into the marketplace via independent record labels, and its enthusiastic embrace by the burgeoning youth culture of the era. Within this multi-dimensional context, Zoom Records, a tiny, independent record label, was born in Tucson, Arizona. A unique convergence of technological, artistic, and commercial developments and historical events gives special import to the Zoom Records story, as a lesson in entrepreneurship, artistic expression and personal transformation.