• Alternating Current Electrokinetic Manipulation and Concentration of Free Circulating DNA from Blood Samples

      Wong, Pak K.; Lamanda, Ariana Corinne; Wong, Pak K.; Vande Geest, Jonathan P.; Wu, Xiaoyi; Utzinger, Urs (The University of Arizona., 2014)
      Molecular analysis of free circulating (fc)DNA has the potential to change the face of medicine, specifically in cancer diagnostics and in monitoring the efficacy of cancer treatments. In this study, a microfluidic device using AC electrokinetics is developed for rapid concentration and detection of fcDNA from blood. The device concentrates fcDNA using a combination of AC electrothermal flow and dielectrophoresis. The electrothermal fluid motion drives fcDNA towards the center of the electrode where dielectrophoretic trapping occurs. Once fcDNA is collected at the center, the concentration in the sample can be determined by fluorescent analysis using an intercalating dye binding to the double-stranded DNA. Effects of operating parameters are investigated to optimize the device's design. The electrokinetic device isolates high molecular weight DNA and can distinguish from low molecular weight DNA. Quantitative detection of fcDNA in physiologically relevant concentrations is demonstrated toward rapid diagnostics of cancer and monitoring of treatment efficacy.