• Earth dam seepage analysis with a programmable calculator

      Hutchison, William Ray.; Evans, Daniel D. (The University of Arizona., 1983)
      A model was developed for the Texas Instruments Company TI-59 programmable calculator for estimation of seepage from a reservoir. The model, DAM SEEPAGE, separates flow through the dam and flow under the darn by assuming that the boundary between the dam and foundation is a streamline. The algorithm used is based on Darcy's law, Dupuit's assumptions, and Bear's hydraulic approach. DAM SEEPAGE was applied to three situations, two proposed dams in eastern Montana and one existing dam in central Oklahoma. The two proposed dams were compared on the basis of seepage loss. The existing dam, a well-documented site, was chosen to check the accuracy of DAM SEEPAGE. The results of the study are within 2 percent of previously modeled results and within 13 percent of previously measured results.