• The Azee' Bee Nahághá Of Diné Nation: Strategic Planning & Management Strategies For The 21st Century

      Begay, Manley A. Jr; Begay, Derwin Brian; Begay, Manley A. Jr; Colombi, Benedict J.; Trosper, Ronald L. (The University of Arizona., 2015)
      The Azee' Bee Nahághá Of Diné Nation (ABNDN) Inc. is a critical element to the formation and maintenance of, protection, preservation, promotion, and fostering of Navajo peyote ceremonial history, culture and identity. The Navajo people have developed and established the ABNDN in a manner that can only be described as "persistence". The purpose in which the ABNDN has been established, the day to day functions of its leadership and the internal operational management planning and strategies structures are not entirely understood by many. This Master's thesis analyzes the ABNDN's past and current initial concerns. This thesis analyzes different theoretical sources on the topic of strategic planning and management, seeking to find new ways of approaching the ABNDN's concerns in finding solutions to be more efficient to ensure their stability for future generations.