• Brazil's Anti-Racist Education Reforms And Their Effects On High School History Textbooks: Addressing Critical Reflection On Race And Racism

      Gonzales, Patrisia; Lynch, Lucas Leonard; Gonzales, Patrisia; Cammarota, Julio; Gosner, Kevin (The University of Arizona., 2015)
      Anti-racist legislation and education reforms for the past two decades in Brazil have required that curriculum in all basic education combat prejudice and racism and promote critical thinking of the nation's past and current ethnic-racial relations in an effort to construct a society that is more democratic, equal, and just. In response to the reforms, textbooks have been rewritten. This study analyzes one high school history textbook series that was approved by Brazil in 2012, and asks: How, and to what extent, do these new high school history textbooks address critical reflection on race and racism in Brazil? Using qualitative content analysis, I coded the above series for its attention in these matters. My findings reflect that though there are a number of cases where racism in Brazil was admitted, more explanation on the content on racism is needed, the content was too vague, or it lacked necessary details to make its analysis more informed for student reflection.
    • Presente en el Museo | absent in the museum

      Widdifield, Stacie G.; Chabot, Aurore M.; Kitagawa, Carolina Maki; Zepeda, Ofelia; Penn, Barbara A.; Moore, Sarah J. (The University of Arizona., 2016)
      PRESENTE EN EL MUSEO | absent in the museum was a performance installation exhibited at the 2016 MFA Thesis Exhibition. The project archived studio practice methodologies that question the current stasis of art academia's indifference to alternative art theory originating from other sources of knowledge besides that of the male Eurocentric art canon. I, as the artist, executed an experiment to combat and envision a bridge between multiple realities proving they can coexist creating a joint effort in providing modernization of contemporary art. This thesis paper is an accompaniment to the visual performance art component.