• An assessment of the impact of grouped item prompts versus single item prompts for human computer interface design

      Tansik, David A.; Wilson, Rory Howard, 1957- (The University of Arizona., 1988)
      Current research in screen design for human computer interaction has demonstrated that user task performance is influenced by placement, prompting methodology, and screen complexity. To assess the difference between a grouped item screen prompt and a series of single item screen prompts, a field experiment in a semiconductor manufacturing facility was designed. Subjects were randomly assigned to one of two groups to use a data entry system. Seven of the screen prompts differed between the two groups. During the four weeks of the study, a significant difference was measured between groups. The group screen users had lower task times for all four weeks. No significant correlation exists between work experience, performance review scores, or designated work shift. A strong negative correlation exists between frequency of system usage and task time. No difference was noted for measured errors. Subjective scores significantly favored the group screen design.