• Prediction of minimum wrestling weight in adolescent wrestlers by using anthropometric measures

      Lohman, Timothy G.; De Vos, Alphons Cornelius, 1962- (The University of Arizona., 1987)
      Fifty-five wrestlers from Tucson, Arizona were studied to develop equations using anthropometric measurements to predict a wrestler's minimum wrestling weight (MWW). This sample was also used to cross-validate seven equations that predict MWW by using anthropometric measures. All estimates of percent fat and MWW were validated by densitometry. The mean age, weight, percent fat and MWW for this sample, with standard deviations, were 16.8 ± 1.1 yrs, 63.7 ± 12.7 kg, 8.8 ± 5.49 percent, and 60.6 ± 9.49 kg. Using multiple regression analysis, the best combination of variables predicted MWW with an adjusted R2 of.93 and standard error of estimate (SEE) of 2.45 kg. The next best equation from this sample predicted MWW with an adjusted R2 of.91 and SEE of 2.8 kg. All seven of the equations from other samples were successfully cross validated on this sample. These equations predicted the criterion MWW with respective adjusted R2's and SEE's ranging from.91 and 2.84 kg to.79 and 4.28 kg.