• Efficient Error Analysis Assessment in Optical Design

      Sasián, José; Youngworth, Richard N.; Herman, Eric; Sasián, José; Youngworth, Richard N.; Burge, James (The University of Arizona., 2014)
      When designing a lens, cost and manufacturing concerns are extremely challenging, especially with radical optical designs. The tolerance process is the bridge between design and manufacturing. Three techniques which improve the interaction between lens design and engineers are successfully shown in this thesis along with implementation of these techniques. First, a method to accurately model optomechanical components within lens design is developed and implemented. Yield improvements are shown to increase by approximately 3% by modeling optomechanical components. Second, a method utilizing aberration theory is applied to discover potential tolerance sensitivity of an optical system through the design process. The use of aberration theory gives an engineer ways to compensate for errors. Third, a method using tolerance grade mapping is applied to error values of an optical system. This mapping creates a simplified comparison method between individual tolerances and lens designs.