• The Rhetorics of U.S. Abortion Narratives: Thematic Continuities, Shifting Applications and Political Strategies, 1969-Present

      Joseph, Miranda; Thomsen, Carly Ann; Joseph, Miranda; Kennedy, Liz; Briggs, Laura (The University of Arizona., 2008)
      This thesis seeks to understand the various forces that have shaped the form, content, utilization and emergence of abortion narratives--both within a historical context and for political value. By comparing the themes that emerge within and across three sets of narratives--anti-abortion narratives, pre-Roe narratives that support abortion rights, and post-Roe abortion-rights narratives--and by identifying both gaps and influxes in the use of narratives, this thesis argues that the content and utilization of abortion narratives is directly connected to broader discursive strategies and political ideologies of reproductive rights organizations.