• Intersecting Lives: Labor and Spirit in the Oral History of Dora Ciudad

      Kennedy, Elizabeth Lapovsky; Galup, Maria Cecilia I.; Kennedy, Elizabeth Lapovsky; Soto, Sandra; Moore, Sarah (The University of Arizona., 2009)
      This thesis is based on oral histories with Dora Cuidad, a paid domestic worker in Lima, Peru. Dora Cuidad's stories are a window into how relationships permeated with racial and class differences, may be negotiated by paid domestic workers and the families that employ them. Dora depicts a life in the Zwinkel household, filled with intimate moments and acts that create emotional bonds that extend across generations as well as over distance and time. Dora's vibrant narrative also reflects how a working-class individual in Lima, Peru imbues meaning to her life experiences, how such an individual engages with the world as she attempts to further the well-being of her children and fulfill her own dreams.