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    • The daily accounts of an internship in probation as performed at the Pima County Juvenile Court Tucson, Arizona, February 1, 1960 to April 5, 1960

      Brotherton, William L. (The University of Arizona., 1960)
      Diary in lieu of thesis (M.P.A. - Public Administration) -- University of Arizona.
    • Daily and seasonal pollination cycles of various grasses

      Milner, Grant F., 1934- (The University of Arizona., 1964)
    • The daily religious life in England of the early 17th century

      Snyder, William Henry, 1911- (The University of Arizona., 1935)
    • Damping studies in flexural vibration

      Uchiyama, Jerome Tomio, 1939- (The University of Arizona., 1963)
    • Dance fantasy for symphony orchestra

      Wise, Loren Eugene, 1925- (The University of Arizona., 1959)
    • Dancing Modernity: Gender, Sexuality and the State in the Late Ottoman Empire and Early Turkish Republic

      Hudson, Leila; van Dobben, Danielle J.; Hudson, Leila (The University of Arizona., 2008)
      Early Ottoman dance practices that took place in gender segregated spaces andallowed for a certain degree of sexual explicitness and expressions of homoerotic desirewere disavowed among Turkish elites in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. "Bellydance" became associated with non-Turkish performers, while the Tanzimat and YoungTurk state employed the theater to perform emerging ideas about 'Turkishness' and the'New Woman.' In the early Turkish Republic, the new cadre of Kemalist militaryofficers and bureaucrats altogether rejected its Ottoman heritage and danced the waltz ina close embrace to the music of Western orchestras.This thesis charts significant changes in dance practices between the late OttomanEmpire and early Turkish Republic in order to examine the articulation of modern viewsof gender and sexuality. Dance played a formative role in shaping Turkish modernityand framed moral issues about gender, sexuality, and public space, reflecting andreshaping social life at the same time.

      Shorr, Kathleen Verity, 1945- (The University of Arizona., 1984)
    • Dans le Corps du Texte : Le Roman Francophone comme Perversion Libératrice (Lectures dans L'œuvre D'abdellah Taia, Leila Silmani et Nelly Arcan)

      Provencher, Denis M.; Rebhi, Salma; Taoua, Phyllis; Mouzet, Aurelia (The University of Arizona., 2020)
      Ce présent travail explore la perversion sexuelle dans l’œuvre romanesque d’Abdellah Taïa, de Nelly Arcan et de Leila Slimani. En comparant ces trois œuvres, nous prouvons que l’excès dans la perversion sexuelle des personnages clefs des trois romans Infidèles (2012), Putain (2010) et Dans le jardin de l’ogre peut se lire comme la réflexion de l’excès dans la perversion des sociétés dans lesquelles vivent au quotidien ces auteurs. En d’autres termes, nous prouvons que l’homophobie de la loi pénale et la marginalization des personnes gays au Maroc,la putophobie et la misogynie des milieux socio-culturels au Canada, ainsi que la reclusion et l’aliénation des générations issues de l’immigration maghrébines au sein de la France, bien qu’ils soient des formes différentes d’oppression, engendrent dans l’œuvre des trois écrivain.e.s des figures fictives similaires d’un personnage principale qui vit son corps charnel comme corps-souillure qui se révolte contre l’injustice par une rébellion primordialement sexuelle. Cette rébellion est étudiée en tant qu’apanage romanesque pour une transgression créative à travers de laquelle des auteur.e.s expriment leurs malaises devant la perversite des pays où ils vivent et dont les formes de corruptions politiques et sociales normalisent des tares et désagrègent des droits humains essentiels. This work explores the different manifestations of sexual addiction and erotic perversions in Infidels ( 2012) by Abdellah Taïa, Whore (2001) by Nelly Arcan and Adele (2014) by Leila Slimani. By comparing and contrasting these three novels, we prove that the forms of sexopathy experienced by the main characters are reflections of socio-cultural, political and intellectual perverse forms of oppression endured by these authors while living in their home countries. In other words, we prove that the homophobic judicial system and the marginalization of gay people in the Moroccan society, the putophobia and the misogyny of the intellectual and socio-cultural milieux in Canada, as well as the seclusion and the alienation of generations of French citizens from Maghrebi immigrant background, all contribute to the creation of similar fictitious figures whose excessive masochistic sexual addiction is a rebellious answer to the injustice they live on a daily basis because of their gender identity and/or their ethnic origins. This rebellion is studied as a romantic appanage for a creative transgression through which such authors express their rejection of the perversity of their countries where political and social corruptions normalize violence and marginalia essential human rights.
    • DARE IIIB, a digital simulation system

      Trevor, Alexander Bruan, 1945- (The University of Arizona., 1971)
    • DARE P, a portable digital simulation

      Lucas, John James, 1950- (The University of Arizona., 1974)
    • Data Acquisition and Synchronization of a Multimodal System for Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer

      Barton, Jennifer K.; Vaughn, Amy M.; Trouarrd, Theodore P.; Bilgin, Ali; Utzinger, Urs (The University of Arizona., 2018)
      Ovarian cancer is a devastating disease with a 5-year survival rate as low as 15% after diagnosis. This low survival rate is mostly due to limitations in early screening methods and a lack of understanding of the disease’s origins. Recent research has revealed that high grade serous carcinoma, the most commonly diagnosed form of ovarian cancer in the United States, may begin development in the fallopian tubes and spread to the ovaries at a later stage. Current imaging methods such as Transvaginal Ultrasound, CT, and MRI lack the high resolutions necessary to detect small lesions within the fallopian tubes. Data acquisition and synchronization design of a multimodal Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Multiphoton Microscopy (MPM) endoscopic system for detecting early stage ovarian cancer in the fallopian tubes is presented in this thesis. OCT and MPM are optical imaging methods capable of reaching submicron resolutions and are capable of being miniaturized for endoscopic use. Real-time wide-field microscopy allows for navigation of the endoscope through the fallopian tubes. Data and images collected are displayed, processed, and saved on a computer using LabVIEW. Using multiple imaging modalities provides different but complimentary information on tissue, possibly making early ovarian cancer detection easier. Synchronization between these modalities is necessary for accurate data acquisition. This multimodal endoscopic system is designed to allow for easy integration into the clinical environment.
    • A data acquisition interface unit

      Taylor, James Neal, 1947- (The University of Arizona., 1974)

      Strinka, Stephen Andrew. (The University of Arizona., 1984)
    • A data acquisition system for management information

      Franklin, David Lee, 1943- (The University of Arizona., 1966)
    • Data acquisitions system for laboratory distillation column

      Cordoba Molina, Jesus Francisco, 1947- (The University of Arizona., 1973)
    • A Data Management Application to Support Long-Term Monitoring of Riparian Ecosystems

      Gimblett, H. Randy; Sirchia, Felicia; Gimblett, H. Randy; Cortner, Hanna J.; Fernandez-Gimenez, Maria (The University of Arizona., 2001)
      The extents of riparian ecosystems are in decline in the American Southwest largely due to land development practices. Unfortunately, there is a paucity of scientific research regarding the direct and indirect impacts of urbanization on riparian ecosystems. To date, research has focused on specific ecological functions and propagation of declining species without regard to the effects of urbanization on the riparian resource. A long -term ecological monitoring project was initiated along Rincon Creek in Tucson, Arizona with the objective of monitoring targeted parameters to see how they are affected by urbanization. To support research and scientific effort toward that end, a relational database and data management system were created to facilitate input, storage, manipulation, and documentation of raw data collected along Rincon Creek. The raw data tables were normalized to at least third normal form to enhance flexibility and reduce inconsistent and redundant data. Standardized graphs, queries, and reports were also developed to facilitate derivation and dissemination of information. Finally, the relational design provides a template for other agencies or organizations collecting similar monitoring data that wish to incorporate comparable data management systems.