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    • A pulse amplitude modulation system for instructional purposes

      McCurnin, Thomas William, 1931- (The University of Arizona., 1959)
    • Pulse-position modulation of laser light using the Kerr electro- optical effect

      Rosbeck, Joseph Paul, 1949- (The University of Arizona., 1972)
    • Pulse-shaping to reduce the chirping effects of DFB laser diodes and pulse broadening

      Liu, Ming-Kang; Yang, Zhiqiang, 1959- (The University of Arizona., 1992)
      In this thesis, a computer simulation has been done to evaluate the wavelength chirping and pulse broadening effects induced by the direct intensity modulation using Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser diodes. In the simulation, a DFB laser diode is driven by either square wave current pulses or pulses with a small current Step in the Leading Edge (SLE). A comparative study is performed to justify the effectiveness of using SLE waves in modulation to reduce wavelength chirping and pulse broadening. Numerical results from the single-mode rate equations show that the SLE wave modulation reduces the wavelength chirping and pulse broadening by a factor of 2. The optimal SLE pulse has a prepulse duration of 0.15 ns and a prepulse current level of 70.0 mA.
    • The pulverized coal, laminar, flat, opposed jet diffusion flame

      Graves, David Barry (The University of Arizona., 1981)
    • Pupillary Device Design For Ocular Cranial Nerve Monitoring

      Romanowski, Marek; Chambers, Rheagan Alexia; Lemole Jr., G. Michael; Bilgin, Ali; Laksari, Kaveh (The University of Arizona., 2018)
      Inspection of the pupillary reflex and extraocular motor function can provide invaluable information about the integrity of the cranial nerves, as well as indirectly indicate changes in intracranial pressure (ICP). In critical ICU patients and patients with severe traumatic brain injuries (TBI), monitoring these physiological mechanisms has shown that dysfunction may be proportional to the degree of injury. In the operating room, current devices for reflex pupillometry are based on 40-year-old technology, measure at irregular intervals, and require logistically difficult manipulations. In this thesis, a prototype device design is proposed that can be positioned on or nearly on-eye and provide continuous measurement of both ipsilateral and contralateral pupil responses simultaneously in real-time or near real-time while being minimally invasive. The primary application of this device is in neurosurgery, emergency medicine, and telemedicine.
    • Purification, Solubilization, and Characterization of Mus Musculus Left Ventricular Collagen by Electrospray Mass Spectrometry

      Wysocki, Vicki H.; Black, Timothy James; Wysocki, Vicki H.; Wirth, Mary J.; Olenyuk, Bogdan Z. (The University of Arizona., 2009)
      A proteomic procedure for analyzing mouse left ventricular collagen by mass spectrometry has been developed. The procedure involves a purification step that removes non-collagenous cellular components from the collagen extracellular matrix, a step that solubilizes the collagen in aqueous solvents before it is proteolytically digested for analysis with ESI-LCMS/MS. Collagen from healthy and lathrytic mice has been positively identified by applying the SEQUEST database search algorithm to spectra from the collagen prepared using this procedure. Analysis shows that the relative percentage of collagen peptides detected in lathrytic tissue is significantly greater than that of the healthy tissue. These preliminary results suggest that the percentage of cross-linked collagen is lower in the lathrytic tissue as indicated by the greater protein sequence coverage obtained for this tissue. This procedure lays the ground work for future experimentation that has the ability to allow for the identification and quantification of cross-linked peptides.
    • A purified diet for trout and the interaction of methionine and vitamin A

      Eckhert, Curtis Dale, 1944- (The University of Arizona., 1971)
    • Purpose and political action: Albert Camus' rediscovery of public morality

      Howard, Walter Kenneth, 1942- (The University of Arizona., 1967)

      Al-Sakkaf, Ghazi Ahmed, 1956- (The University of Arizona., 1986)

      Shuaibi, Abdulaziz Mohamed, 1960- (The University of Arizona., 1987)
      The main objective of this study was to evaluate alternative marketing strategies involving options on live cattle futures contracts during the period of 1966-85. To predict the option premiums that would have occurred at various points in this period of time, the study did research on market premiums of options on live cattle futures contracts from October 30, 1984, to November 22, 1985. The research showed that actual premiums conform closely to the premiums estimated by the Black model of option pricing. The generalized stochastic dominance with absolute risk aversion function intervals is demonstrated in the study in order to make the evaluation. The results showed that under different risk preferences, the commodity options provide the dominant alternative for cattle producers. Options provided protection from losses resulting from falling cash price and in some cases raised average income of hedgers.
    • Putting all our eggs in one basket: Political strategies of Planned Parenthood and the need for multi-dimensional advocacy

      Briggs, Laura; Tersigni, Jennifer M., 1974- (The University of Arizona., 1998)
      This thesis both contributes to feminist scholarship that analyzes the roles of mainstream organizations to feminist reproductive freedom movement and attempts to broaden the scope of non-academic feminist political activism. In this endeavor, the thesis explores the directions of political advocacy that Planned Parenthood has utilized and analyzes the relationship of the organization's advocacy to feminist reproductive rights and reproductive freedom movements. This thesis does not intend to decipher whether or not the Federation is "feminist;" rather, it will assess and discuss the organization's historical trends of political identity and advocacy in relation to feminism. While Planned Parenthood has adopted the rhetoric of "reproductive freedom," the thesis suggests the need for Planned Parenthood to adopt a feminist politics for reproductive freedom in an effort to broaden political advocacy and secure rights for all women.
    • Putting rungs on the ladder: Portuguese emigration, return migration and the restructuring of northern rural society

      Park, Thomas K.; Acheson, Julianna, 1965- (The University of Arizona., 1990)
      This thesis examines the impact of emigration and return migration on sending communities of northwestern Portugal. Literature about recent trends in Portuguese emigration to central Europe is reviewed. Historical, political, economic and social factors are considered "push" and "pull" forces for both emigration and return migration. I demonstrate that emigration has resulted in altering the traditional social structure. I argue there are two cohort groups, first and second generation emigrants, which have different economic interests and which must be treated differently by policy makers concerned with agriculture. This thesis also contributes to the dialogue about the World systems Paradigm by demonstrating that emigration to a "core" has long term, substantial gains for the "periphery".
    • Putting the "Islam" in Islamism: Religious Language and the Model Muslim as Tools of Propaganda

      Talattof, Kamran; Thomas, Zachary Ross; Talattof, Kamran; Nassar, Maha; Noorani, Yaseen (The University of Arizona., 2017)
      This work examines how two Islamist forces, the Islamic State and the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, use Islamic messages and themes in their propaganda and narrative in an effort to persuade others to their point of view. It does so through the lens of propaganda analysis and narrative theory, and focuses specifically on the efforts of these groups to create an imaginary "model Muslim" for persuadees to emulate, the use of religiously loaded terms, and the intertwining of government and Islamic themes to create Islamic messages with the intent to persuade.

      Jensen, Michael Paul. (The University of Arizona., 1983)
    • The pyrolysis of dimethyl carbonate

      Olson, Dan Allen Herman, 1913- (The University of Arizona., 1938)
    • The pyrolysis of dimethyl sulfite

      Fitzhugh, Andrew Fyfe, 1912- (The University of Arizona., 1938)
    • The pyrolysis of ethyl chlorocarbonate

      Lashbrook, Robert V., 1918- (The University of Arizona., 1941)
    • The pyrolysis of methyl chlorocarbonate

      Davis, Jefferson Clark, 1931- (The University of Arizona., 1954)
    • Pyrolysis of propane in the plasma jet

      Rogers, Rudy Elvis, 1939- (The University of Arizona., 1962)