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    • The transfer value of the course in logic

      McGarvey, John W. (The University of Arizona., 1934)
    • Transform coding of images using fixed-rate and entropy-constrained trellis coded quantization

      Marcellin, Michael W.; Tong, Kai-Loong, 1969- (The University of Arizona., 1991)
      Trellis coded quantization (TCQ) is incorporated into a transform coding structure for encoding monochrome and color images at 1 bit/pixel. Both fixed-rate and entropy-constrained designs are considered. For monochrome images, the fixed-rate TCQ-based systems provide gains in peak-signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) of up to 3.32 dB over scalar quantizer-based systems, while the entropy-constrained designs provide gains of up to 7.50 dB. Gains in PSNR for color images of up to 1.76 dB and 3.93 dB are achieved for the fixed-rate and entropy-constrained TCQ-based systems, respectively. The high frequency background noise and fuzziness produced by scalar quantizer-based systems are virtually eliminated by the TCQ-based systems.
    • The transformation of experience into art in the travel books fo D. H. Lawrence

      Reuland, Suzanne Straight, 1937- (The University of Arizona., 1963)
    • Transformation of methane and vinyl chloride by methanotrophic bacteria in unsaturated soil columns

      LeBlanc, Ronald Paul, 1961- (The University of Arizona., 1991)
      A model for the transformation of methane or vinyl chloride by methanotrophic bacteria in unsaturated sand columns was proposed. The model was based on Michaelis-Menten kinetics. The columns were successful in transforming methane and vinyl chloride at a remarkably high rate. Vinyl chloride was transformed only in the obligate presence of methane, as the two are in competition for the enzyme responsible for transformation. The model was highly sensitive to estimated methanotrophic biomass concentration. Water content was not inhibitory between 0.04 and 0.39 volumetric water content. Interphase mass transport limitation was not apparent at influent methane concentrations >> Km .
    • Transformation Optics Relay Lens Design for Imaging from a Curved to a Flat Surface

      Neifeld, Mark A.; Wetherill, Julia Katherine; Kostuk, Raymond K.; Djordjevic, Ivan B. (The University of Arizona., 2016)
      Monocentric lenses provide compact, broadband, high resolution, wide-field imaging. However, they produce a curved image surface and have found limited use. The use of an appropriately machined fiber bundle to relay the curved image plane onto a flat focal plane array (FPA) has recently emerged as a potential solution. Unfortunately the spatial sampling that is intrinsic to the fiber bundle relay can have a negative effect on image resolution, and vignetting has been identified as another potential shortcoming of this solution. This thesis describes a metamaterial lens yielding a high-performance image relay from a curved surface to a flat focal plane. Using quasi-conformal transformation optics, a Maxwell's fish-eye lens is transformed into a concave-plano shape. A design with a narrower range of constitutive parameters is deemed more likely to be manufacturable. Therefore, the way in which the particular shape of the concave-plano reimager influences the range of needed constitutive parameters is explored. Finally, image quality metrics, such as spot size and light efficiency, are quantified.
    • Transforming and relating : re-integrating the professional nurse into the work-place after substance dependency treatment

      Badger, Terry A.; Axer, Mark S.; Jones, Elaine; Gerber, Rose (The University of Arizona., 1994)
      The purpose of this exploratory study was to describe the social processes which facilitate or obstruct recovering nurses' reentry into the clinical work setting. Utilizing grounded theory methodology four recovering substance dependent registered nurses described their experience during open ended interviews. A constant comparative analysis of the data was conducted. Re-integration into the work-place consisted of an inner transformation and reorganization of relationships with others. Inner transformation originated with recognizing harmful aspects of the self which arose from substance dependency. The four recovering nurses used strategies to transform these harmful aspects of their character into positive attributes. Two factors characterized the process of re-creating relationships with others. First, nurses' return to work disrupted roles, created discomfort in others, and generated stigma and discrimination. Second, restrictions to practice, and treatment and 12 step support aided the nurses' recovery.
    • Transiency and its effect upon the progress of pupils

      Cromer, Sturgeon, 1908- (The University of Arizona., 1940)
    • Transiency and its relation to the progress of pupils

      Munz, Martin H., 1909- (The University of Arizona., 1936)
    • Transiency of the eighth grade pupils of sixteen selected schools of Maricopa County

      Turner, Ruth Alice, 1892- (The University of Arizona., 1938)
    • Transient analysis of interconnections using spectral method

      Palusinski, O. A.; Lee, Anyu, 1963- (The University of Arizona., 1988)
      The present paper introduces one very efficient and flexible time-domain analysis technique to predict the kinds of reflections and crosstalk. Numerical results show that this technique is indeed efficient and accurate in the transient analysis of a general multiple line system. Furthermore, this algorithm can be eventually coded in a form of a subroutine compatible with any standard CAD program, such as SPICE.
    • A transient analysis of synchronous machines

      Butler, John Wendell (The University of Arizona., 1932)
    • A transient model for decomposition and ablation of concrete during a molten core/concrete interaction

      Kilic, Arif Nesimi, 1963- (The University of Arizona., 1991)
      A simple approximation for predicting the concrete erosion rate and depth is derived based on heat balance integral method for conduction with the time dependent boundary conditions. The problem is considered a four-region model including separate, moving heat sinks at the boundaries due to endothermic decomposition reactions. Polynomial temperature profiles are assumed and the results are compared to previous experimental data and other analytical solutions. Since the technique provides an approximate temperature distribution on the average, it does not give the real temperature evaluation but provides a simple prediction of the erosion rates in terms of the parameters that are important during the physical phenomena. Because of its simplicity and reliability, the model might be useful of the larger molten core/concrete interaction models.
    • Transient response of delamination, intersecting and transverse cracks in layered composite plates

      Kundu, Tribikram; Awal, Mohammad A., 1959- (The University of Arizona., 1989)
      A numerical method is developed to determine the dynamic behavior of delamination and transverse cracks in multilayered plates. The plate is subjected to a time dependent antiplane shear stress field which is acting on the plate surfaces. The interaction of waves diffracted at the crack tip with those reflected at the plate boundaries and transmitted at the material interface makes the problem very complicated, so analytical study of this problem cannot be carried out with our present state of knowledge; hence the problem is solved numerically. The finite element equations are obtained by variational calculus applied in the frequency domain. Thus time intregration schemes are avoided, but time dependent response can still be obtained after inverting the frequency dependent response spectra numerically by Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) routine. Another advantage of the frequency domain analysis is that the resonance frequency can be easily detected from the sharp peaks of the response spectra. The numerical difficulty associated with the singular behavior of the stress field near the crack tip has been avoided by using quarter point elements. The numerical results obtained from this investigation are compared with analytical results to verify the accuracy of the method.
    • The transistor differential amplifier

      Blanchard, Jack Winfield, 1926- (The University of Arizona., 1957)
    • A transistor integrating amplifier

      Ranish, Harry, 1916- (The University of Arizona., 1956)
    • Transistor low level d. c. to a. c. converters

      Thompson, Robert Earl, 1931- (The University of Arizona., 1964)
    • Transistor phase shift oscillators

      Mitchell, John William, 1926- (The University of Arizona., 1957)
    • Transistor totem pole amplifier

      Wright, Charles Lester, 1931- (The University of Arizona., 1961)