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    • Yield and physiological aspects of 17 varieties of corn grown in runoff farming

      BassiriRad, H.(Hormoz); Stroehlein, Jack L.; Matthias, Allan D. (The University of Arizona., 1984)
      A micro-catchment water harvesting agrisystem in Avra Valley, west of Tucson, Arizona, was utilized to grow 17 varieties of drought tolerant corn (Zea mays). The primary objective of this study was to isolate and evaluate the grain yield performance of these cultivars. Additional measurements were also taken on transpiration rate (TR), leaf water potential (0), stress degree day (SDD), and crop water stress index (CWSI), during the period 24 October to 2 November, between two irrigations, in search of possible physiological mechanisms of drought adaptability and their impact on production. The system's performance in terms of economical crop growth is subject to further research. The analysis of grain yield indicates a significant varietal difference. Physiological parameters monitored also show trends of differences among cultivars. It was found that cultivars capable of maintaining a higher plant water content, by preserving their TR, Ψ1, CWSI, and SDD are not necessarily the better yielding cultivars. Possible justifications of this phenomena are discussed. It is suggested that a distinction has to be made between crop adaptability to drought and preservation of a high grain yield since under limited moisture conditions, one might be attained through the suppression of the other.
    • Yield and quality evaluation of fresh and thermally processed desert grown tomatoes

      MohamedAhmed, ElBushra ElTayeb, 1946- (The University of Arizona., 1978)
    • Yield and value of wild-land resources of the Salt River watershed, Arizona

      Cooper, Charles F.,1924-; Humphrey, Robert; Barr, George (The University of Arizona., 1956)
    • Yield risk in wheat production: A policy study for the Alentejo of Portugal

      Dahlgran, Roger; Trindade, Graca Maria dos Santos, 1955- (The University of Arizona., 1990)
      This study attempts to determine whether or not Portuguese wheat policies have resulted in a stabilization of the wheat price and/or the stabilization of income for wheat growers in the Alentejo region. It was found that these policies have contributed to a stabilization of price rather than a stabilization of income. It was also found that the income variability caused by yield variability was greater for the Alentejo farmers than that for the country as a whole. Weather uncertainties measured by rainfall were found to be a major source of that variability in both area and yield equations. Therefore, it was concluded that rainfall is significant in explaining variations in wheat supply and cannot be eliminated from the model specification. Finally, this study looked at a policy that would stabilize output returns to Alentejo farmers since high yield variability will continue to constrain farmers' willingness to invest in wheat production. An insurance program may be the policy to implement in this region since yield risks are the predominant source of income variability. However, the cost of financing an agricultural insurance scheme as well as the delineation of homogeneous areas are crucial determinants to the success of an all-risk insurance program.
    • Yield studies on Arizona hybrid #1, buffalo gourd

      Wilkins, Mary Helen (The University of Arizona., 1980)
    • Yoknapatawpha County: Faulkner's battleground for modern man

      Haworth, Roberta, 1938- (The University of Arizona., 1968)
    • YOR: A yield optimizing routing algorithm by minimizing critical areas and vias

      Kuo, Sy-Yen; Chang, Ting-Mao, 1962- (The University of Arizona., 1991)
      Traditionally, the goal of channel routing algorithms is to route the nets with as few tracks as possible to minimize the chip area and achieve 100 percent connection. However, the manufacturing yield may not reach a satisfactory level if care is not taken to reduce the critical areas which are susceptible to defects. Our approach is to systematically eliminate critical areas by floating, burying, and bumping net segments as well as shifting vias. The yield optimizing routing (YOR) algorithm also minimizes the number of vias since vias in a chip increase the manufacturing complexity which again degrades the yield. The algorithm has been implemented and applied to benchmark routing layouts in the literature. The experimental results show that large reduction in the number of critical areas and significant improvement in yield are achieved, particularly for practical size channels such as the Deutsch's difficult problem.
    • You Too Can Be a Rebel

      Garber, Elizabeth; Garibaldi, Lino Paúl; Garber, Elizabeth; Hochtritt, Lisa; Sharma, Manisha (The University of Arizona., 2017)
      The blurred lines between the domains of art, education and art education create tensions that impact how art educators negotiate their identities (Baxter, Ortega López, Serig & Sullivan, 2008) within themselves and through a myriad of complex relationships with society and the natural world. I reflect upon the profound transformations of my theoretical and methodological framework of pedagogy emerging from my academic, artistic and professional experiences, particularly my exposure to twentieth century philosophy, post-modernism, critical pedagogy, democratic education, feminist theory and queer studies, each through the lens of social justice. I draw from the ideas of thinkers—Goodman, Lorde, Deleuze, Freire and Zolla, amongst many—who, in one way or another, embraced an integrative dialectic of difference rather than fearing or rejecting conflict, opposites and contradictions. In the twenty-first century, this exploration of the interspace has resulted in arts-based theoretical and methodological approaches to inquiry (Rolling, 2013) such as studio art as research practice (Sullivan, 2004), a/r/tography (Springgay, Irwin & Kind, 2005), and productive ambiguity (Shipe, 2015). This thesis is an arts-based autoethnography, intended to embody the dual nature of the identities and practices of artists/teachers through the creation of an artistic product. Carolyn Ellis and Arthur P. Bochner pointed to the three axes of autoethnography: the self (auto), culture (ethno) and the research process (graphy); modes of autoethnography fall along different places within these continua (Ellis & Bochner, 2000). While I place the strongest focus on my experience and culture, I also stress the relevance and rigor of the research process. Drawing inspiration from the amazing work of Nick Sousanis and Rachel Branham, I include extensive notes and references at the end of the thesis. The prologue is formatted as an illustrated novel—a blueprint for a full graphic novel version of this thesis. The rest of the manuscript is a literary autoethnography, by which I assume the identity of an autobiographical writer foremost.
    • A young child interacting with written language in a print-oriented society

      Haussler, Myna M. (The University of Arizona., 1977)
    • Young children's perceptions of social support

      Woulbroun, Emily Jeanne, 1965- (The University of Arizona., 1992)

      Olson, Gerald Wayne. (The University of Arizona., 1984)
    • "Yuewang Goujian Shijia": An Annotated Translation

      Lee, Brigitta; Daniels, Benjamin; Sanft, Charles; Wu, Jiang (The University of Arizona., 2013)
      "Yuewang Goujian shijia," the forty-first chapter of the Shiji, is one of the most important sources for the history of the ancient state of Yue. However, this chapter has not received serious scholarly examination in the West. Unlike those chapters of the Shiji which have been translated in the Shiji translation project headed by William Nienhauser, "Yuewang Goujian shijia" has not yet been translated into English. This thesis provides an annotated translation of the "Yuewang Goujian shijia." In addition, it has been argued that the history of the Spring and Autumn period in the Shiji is a compilation of earlier sources. The introduction to the translation will specifically look at the relationship of the "Yuewang Goujian shijia" to one of its proposed sources, the "Yueyu xia," which is the twenty-first chapter of the Guoyu. In comparing these two texts, it will be shown that dependence cannot be definitely demonstrated.
    • Yüan Hao-wen (1190-1257), scholar-poet

      West, Stephen H. (The University of Arizona., 1969)
    • The z-transform as a general tool in approximation

      Pendleton, Freeman Luke, 1928- (The University of Arizona., 1960)
    • The Zanj Revolt (869-883) in the Abbasid Era

      Muhammad, Suad Mustafa (The University of Arizona., 1981)
    • Zebrafish Video Analysis System for High-Throughput Drug Assay

      Rodríguez, Jeffrey J.; Todd, Douglas Wallace; Rodríguez, Jeffrey J.; Powers, Linda S.; Tharp, Hal S. (The University of Arizona., 2016)
      Zebrafish swimming behavior is used in a new, automated drug assay system as a biomarker to measure drug efficiency to prevent or restore hearing loss. This system records video of zebrafish larvae under infrared lighting using Raspberry Pi cameras and measures fish swimming behavior. This automated system significantly reduces the operator time required to process experiments in parallel. Multiple tanks, each consisting of sixteen experiments are operated in parallel. Once a set of experiments starts, all data transfer and processing operations are automatic. A web interface allows the operator to configure, monitor and control the experiments and review reports. Ethernet connects the various hardware components, allowing loose coupling of the distributed software used to schedule and run the experiments. The operator can configure the data processing to be done on the local computer or offloaded to a high-performance computer cluster to achieve even higher throughput. Computationally efficient image processing algorithms provided automated zebrafish detection and motion analysis. Quantitative assessment of error in the position and orientation of the detected fish uses manual data analysis by human observers as the reference. The system error in orientation and position is comparable to human inter-operator error.

      Cai, Wenlong. (The University of Arizona., 1985)
    • Zhoukoudian: A synthesis of research to date

      Olsen, John W.; Della Croce, Anthony (The University of Arizona., 1995)
      The site of Zhoukoudian has been studied for over 70 years. During this time, a great deal of change has occurred in both analytical methodology and paradigmatic models concerning human prehistory. Zhoukoudian presents an opportunity to study both issues of early hominid behavior and the evolution of palaeoanthropological, geological, dating methodology and palaeoenvironmental research over the last eight decades. Zhoukoudian was the first site to exhibit verifiable evidence for the presence of early hominids in East Asia (more than 45 individuals). The site has been established as containing Middle and Upper Pleistocene components. The majority of these (e.g., Locality 1) fall within a Middle Pleistocene context, while the Upper Cave represents an Upper Pleistocene occupation of the site. Modem studies are suggested in light of the recent reworking of some fundamental concepts at Zhoukoudian. These include evidence for hunting vs. scavenging, fire usage and duration of occupation of the site by early hominids, all of which need reevaluation.