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    • Musical texture: toward a visual model

      Zipay, Terry Lee. (The University of Arizona., 1975)
    • Mutagenic properties of Vicia faba extracts

      Hallard, Thomas Murray, 1937- (The University of Arizona., 1962)
    • Mutants of Bacillus megaterium

      Coulter, Murray Whitfield, 1932- (The University of Arizona., 1956)
    • The Mycenaean Kylix at Mt. Lykaion: An Investigation into the Late Helladic Vessel's Appearance at the Ash Altar of Zeus

      Schon, Robert; Voyatzis, Mary E.; Czujko, Stephen; Schon, Robert; Voyatzis, Mary E.; Romano, David G. (The University of Arizona., 2017)
      Fragments of hundreds of Mycenaean kylikes (a common Late Helladic ceramic, drinking vessel) have been found in the ash altar of the Sanctuary of Zeus at Mt. Lykaion. In this thesis, I conduct a distribution analysis of the Mycenaean kylix to gain a better understanding of Mt. Lykaion in the Late Helladic period and its association with/within the larger region. I look critically at the cache of kylix sherds recovered from the altar from 2007-2010 and compare it against assemblages of kylikes from other Late Helladic sites in the Peloponnese. To that end, I hope to start a discussion about who was consuming the pottery found at the site, where they were coming from, and whether or not they were bringing the vessels with them. This thesis will largely be dependent on a typological study of the Mycenaean kylix. As such, there are limitations as to how much can be gleaned from typology alone. I imagine though that my research could lend itself to subsequent work that would go on to encompass archaeometric methods of analysis, like zircon or clay sourcing, for the provenancing of ceramics from Mt. Lykaion.

      Schwalbe, Cecil R.; Jones, Cristina Ann; Schwalbe, Cecil R.; Shaw, William W.; Swann, Don E. (The University of Arizona., 2008)
      Upper Respiratory Tract Disease (URTD), caused by the pathogens Mycoplasma agassizii and M. testudineum, has been documented in the desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii). Although URTD was identified as a putative agent that led to federal listing of the Mojave population of the desert tortoise, little is known about this disease in the Sonoran population of the desert tortoise. The purpose of this study was to determine: 1) the prevalence of URTD across an urban gradient in Greater Tucson, Arizona, 2) the relationship between URTD and captive and free-ranging tortoises in Mohave, Maricopa, and Pima counties in Arizona, and 3) the effects of URTD on desert tortoise home range size and winter temperature selection.
    • Mycotoxigenic fungi from a pecan environment

      Plating, Stephen James, 1950- (The University of Arizona., 1976)
    • The Mystery of the Delta Phenotype: the Role of the Notch Signaling Pathway in Tribolium castaneum Embryogenesis

      Nagy, Lisa; Courtright, Janet Lee; Nagy, Lisa; Tax, Frans; Zarnescu, Daniela (The University of Arizona., 2017)
      Vertebrates, annelids, and arthropods have evolved to form their body plans via segmentation. The question is whether this process stems from a common, segmented ancestor or if segmentation in these three phyla evolved from a series of independent events. To determine which of these theories is true, we look to determining whether these phyla share any pathways in the development of their segments. The Notch signaling pathway is a well-known pathway that vertebrates utilize for segmentation. Without it, somitogenesis does not occur properly as the segmentation oscillator is not functioning. Drosophila does not use this pathway for segmentation, but several other arthropods have recently been found to utilize it in the formation and maintenance of their segments (17-24). There has been debate as to whether Tribolium castaneum also uses the Notch pathway during segmentation as previous knockdowns of the Notch and Delta genes have led to a loss of segments and appendages/mouthparts (25-27). To determine this pathway’s involvement in Tribolium segmentation, I knocked down the Delta gene via eRNAi and attempted to determine Notch and Delta expression patterns via in situ hybridization. My results were inconclusive for determining the role of the Notch signaling pathway in segmentation. In the Delta dsRNA embryos, a loss of the labial segment, head and mouthpart defects, a loss of leg formation, and midline defects were seen. Future experiments need to be performed to determine whether an overexpression of mesoderm, ectoderm, or both is the cause of the defective ventral midline and whether this could lead to a loss of segments later in development. Overall, I can conclude that the Notch signaling pathway plays a role in mouthpart/leg development, the labial segment, and what I believe to be lateral inhibition between mesoderm and ectoderm determination.
    • Myth and symbolism in Alsino by Pedro Prado

      Osta, Winifred Ray Hubbard, 1932- (The University of Arizona., 1965)
    • N2O emissions from wheat agro-ecosystems under elevated atmospheric CO2

      Weber, Marie Aimee.; Matthias, A.; Leavitt, Steven W.; Riley, James J. (The University of Arizona., 1997)
      Fertilizer-derived nitrous oxide, N20, may cause an increase of tropospheric N20, which could contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer and enhance the "greenhouse effect". The impact of fertilizer on tropospheric N20 may be enhanced by increased carbon dioxide, CO2, which may alter soil N dynamics. The goal of this research was to measure N20 emissions from soil within a field of wheat grown under two levels of atmospheric CO2 (ambient and ambient plus 200 ppm), two irrigation levels (15 and 30% depletion of available water in the root zone), and two levels N-fertilizer (15 and 350 kg N/ha). Spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L. cv. Yecora Rojo) was planted at the University of Arizona Agricultural Center, Maricopa, Arizona, December 1996 and harvested May 1997 in conjunction with a Free Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) experiment. Chamber measurements of N20 emissions were made five days during the season. The results showed that emissions were not different for the two different irrigation levels. There was, however, a positive correlation between emissions and air temperature. The elevated CO2 had no statistically significant effect on the N20 emissions.
    • A Nahuatl method of compound word structure: Addition and multiplier junctures

      Zepeda, Ofelia; Amador, Tomas Gonzales Xocotl (The University of Arizona., 2001)
      This work intends to analyze Nahuatl mathematical structures and a minimal relationship to text, speech and literal ideographic writing. In section I there will be a historical background of language concepts in compound nouns and verbs. In section II questions will be listed concerning multiplier junctures, and section III the methods that will be used to obtain data and create a list of literal roots and stems of ideographic-image compound elements. Section IV will list the ideographic categories of the roots and stems of compound words. Section V through XII is the body of this work, compound number structures, singular and dual compound expressions with compound word trees, translation applications and cross reference matching. Mathematical structures and graphic representations of compound words will include literal morphological glosses. Translation applications will show the results of the juncture root or stem method of analysis. Multiplier structure with plurals will be addressed.
    • Nanoparticles Of PLGA With Encapsulated Insulin For Oral Controlled Release For Diabetes Treatment

      Guzman, Roberto; Abduljawad, Marwan; Guzman, Roberto; Gervasio, Dominic; Sorooshian, Armin (The University of Arizona., 2015)
      Insulin, a relatively low molecular weight protein has been used for decades in the treatment of diabetes; it has well-defined properties and delivery requirements. Due to the current increase of diabetes in the world improved insulin delivery systems could significantly influence the treatment of diabetes and the quality of life of the affected people. The main objective of this work was to encapsulate insulin in polymer nanoparticles of Poly (DL-Lactic-Co-Glycolic Acid) (PLGA) and poly vinyl alcohol (PVA). Preliminary results of these functional therapeutic nanoparticles prepared with PVA and PLGA by using a double emulsion method (water/oil/water) were obtained in terms of encapsulation efficiency and effective insulin release from the nanoparticles. Assessing the bioactivity of insulin once encapsulated and released is not trivial, thus an indirect protein assay was developed to effectively and easily assess the activity of proteins going through these processes. Trypsin, a proteolitic enzyme was used as model protein to investigate the biological activity of encapsulated and released biomolecules. The activity of trypsin towards a synthetic substrate, DL-BAPNA was used to measure the enzyme kinetics and activity before encapsulation, while encapsulated and after the enzyme was released from the nanoparticles. Results show that the enzyme maintained substantial activity while encapsulated and after its release. It is anticipated that the biological activity after being released from the nanoparticles will remain biologically active, however, biological assays remain to be performed to corroborate this argument. In addition to release experiments with trypsin and insulin, other proteins were also studied. In all cases the release form the nanoparticles at 37 °C exhibited a three stage release process, The release process will be modeled according to developed mathematical models that consider initial burst of molecules, degradation of polymer and diffusion of molecules from the nanoparticles.
    • Narrative for orchestra

      Williams, Leland Page, 1942- (The University of Arizona., 1966)
    • Nasal air flow during normal speech production

      Thompson, Amy Elizabeth (The University of Arizona., 1978)
    • Nation and church: a synthesis in the fight of the Romanian Bishop Inocențiu Micu

      McCormick, Timothy Thomas, 1948- (The University of Arizona., 1977)
    • The National Front Government in Colombia: success or failure?

      Grossarth, Galen William, 1937- (The University of Arizona., 1970)
    • National recreation areas: Landscape planning for outdoor recreation

      Zube, Ervin H.; Dorrance, Richard Adams, 1951- (The University of Arizona., 1992)
      This thesis is an examination of National Recreation Areas managed by the National Park Service, the Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management. It is exploratory in nature and seeks to illustrate their history, how well they are working today, and prospects for the decade of the 1990's. Included is information about the history, benefits, and trends of federal provision of outdoor recreation opportunities. Also included is a section on planning theory and conceptual frameworks--the concept of Multiple-Use, and the theory of Transactive Planning, as developed by John Friedmann. Managers of thirty-six of thirty-seven existing national recreation areas were interviewed by telephone concerning area attributes, the designation process, public support, enabling legislation, impacts of designation, and management mechanisms. A second research effort consisted of the creation of a computer database that serves as an index to the enabling legislation of all thirty-seven areas.