• Doing our Part to Help Conserve Arizona's Water Resources and Reduce Global Warming by Saving Energy at Home

      Artiola, Janick; Yoklic, Martin; Crimmins, Michael; Soil, Water & Enviromental Science (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2008-10)
      Hardly a week goes by without a major news story related to the global and local environment. Every one has heard of global warming and the climate changes being felt as average temperatures rise in most parts of the world. At the state and local levels we have all heard about the dwindling water resources how these might limit the future growth of Arizona. Without electrical energy (electricity) to keep cool and pump water life in our arid and semi-arid climates would become unbearable. What we often do not realize is that electricity production, water resources and global warming are all interconnected. By becoming more aware of the global issues that are confronting us, we will also become more sensitive to local and individual concerns. And by acting individually and locally we can have a positive impact in controlling the global issues that we all face. In the first page, this Bulletin hopes to bring renewed awareness to AZ residents and their need to conserve electricity in their daily lives by connecting their individual actions to local, state and global effects. The following topics will be introduced: Global Warming and its Local Impact Arizona Water Resources Electricity Production in Arizona The second page will be devoted to providing energy saving tips at home by providing a primer of basic electricity concepts, how to measure electricity usage at home, examples of wasted electricity, and tips on how to reduce electricity use at home with little effort or discomfort.