• Thinking of Owning a Pleasure Horse? A Guide for the Care and Ownership of a Pleasure Horse in Arizona

      Teegerstrom, Trent; Schurg, William A.; Block, Kelly; Arns, Mark; Agricultural & Resource Economics (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2004)
      Private horse ownership is not for everyone; owning a horse comes with many responsibilities. You must properly house and care for the horse. This care includes the horse's feeding, health care, and hoof care, but these are only part of the equation. You must also provide housing facilities, transportation, and riding equipment. This booklet is an introductory guide to the proper care and cost of owning and maintaining a pleasure horse in Arizona. We discuss how to feed and care for a horse as well as all of the associated costs to expect whether you board your horse or house and care for it privately. The publication has two major sections: (1)maintaining and caring for a horse, and (2) budgeting for the costs of ownership and care. There is also an introduction to getting started and a list of additional resources at the end.