• Season For Health: A Guide For Using Herbs and Spices For Your Home Cooking

      Hongu, Nobuko; Farr, Kiah J.; Nakagomi, Yuri (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2015-10)
      Studies have demonstrated the health benefits of herbs and spices from antioxidant capacity, anti-inflammatory properties, and cancer-preventative or cancer-fighting properties. Additionally, herbs and spices are beneficial to reducing salt and fat intake by providing an alternative method for flavoring food. The addition or increase of herbs and spices in a regular diet may increase consumption of vegetables. This article explains the definitions of herbs and spices, as well as the positive health benefits associated with both. This article also outlines how to find and incorporate many herbs and spices available to Arizonans and the surrounding community into everyday diet, while including the affordability of each.