• Outdoor Eating: Enjoying Nature the No-Waste Way

      Hongu, Nobuko; Sparks, Elizabeth W.; Franklin, Alexandra M.; Univ Arizona, Coll Agr & Life Sci (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2016-04)
      Finding foods to bring on a camping or hiking trip may seem challenging. Not only do they need to be nutritious, but they must also leave minimal waste so you can leave the environment just as you found it. Whole foods (such as fruits, nuts, and vegetables) tend to be better choices than processed foods (such as pre-packaged cereal bars, lunch meat) since they tend to be rich in nutrients and produce minimal waste. Finding reusable and recyclable ways to package your foods may also help cut down your impact on the environment. Revised 04/2016. Originally published 04/2011