• Drift Resulting from Ground-based Sprays of Carbaryl to Protect Individual Trees from Bark Beetle Attack in the Western United States

      DeGomez, Tom; Fettig, Christopher J.; Munson, Steven; McKelvey, Stephen R.; Entomology (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2009-05)
      A common method of protecting individual trees from bark beetle attack in the western U.S. is to saturate the tree bole with carbaryl using a hydraulic sprayer at high pressure. With this type of application method spray deposition will occur off-target and may contact open waters where sensitive species are subject to the toxic effects of the pesticide. We report on a recent study in which the authors reported carbaryl drift resulting from single tree protection treatments poses little threat to adjacent aquatic environments, a primary concern when treating trees in campgrounds in the Western United States. Using reasonable no-spray buffers will ensure that adjacent aquatic environments are protected from any negative impacts.