• Using Watershed Assessments to Inform Planning for Rural Watersheds

      Lien, Aaron M.; Mott Lacroix, Kelly; Banister, Katie; Megdal, Sharon B. (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2014-07)
      The Using Watershed Assessments to Inform Planning for Rural Watersheds publication provides a process for developing a baseline watershed assessment. In this guide we provide recommendations for engaging with stakeholders to assess natural resource conditions, as well as basic information to collect to create a baseline assessment. Watershed planning is not a simple, quick process. This guide addresses just the first steps of building a watershed assessment– understanding the current conditions and issues facing your watershed. Beyond the watershed assessment phase is the hard work of utilizing the information from the assessment, along with the results of additional stakeholder feedback, to develop an actual watershed plan. This guide provides an outline of how to complete the watershed assessment portion of your watershed planning effort, but does not provide a detailed step-by-step process. Rather, this document is intended as a resource to help guide you in your efforts by providing suggestions based on real-world watershed planning experience.