• When it Rains it Runs Off: Runoff and Urbanized Areas in Arizona

      Waters, Summer; Farrell-Poe, Kitt; Wagner, Kristen; Water Resources Research Center (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2011-07)
      Urban run-off is created by rain, snowmelt, or irrigation water flowing across sidewalks, drive ways, roadways, and other surfaces into storm drains. All storm drains empty into rivers or river beds, lakes, streams, washes, and other storage areas often without treatment. The Urban Run-off (Non-point Source Pollution) Tip Sheet will educate the reader on urban run-off and associated water pollution. The tip sheet explains the causes, effects, and sources of non-point source pollution. It also provides information on what can be done to prevent urban run-off and water pollution. It includes both general information as well as information specific to Maricopa County.