• Multivariate Techniques for Specifying Tree-Growth and Climate Relationships and for Reconstructing Anomalies in Paleoclimate

      Fritts, Harold C.; Blasing, Terence J.; Hayden, Bruce P.; Kutzbach, John E.; Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, University of Arizona; Center for Climatic Research, University of Arizona; Department of Environmental Science, University of Virginia; Department of Environmental Science, University of Virginia (Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1970-11-09)
      Ring widths from trees on certain sites reflect climatic variation. Therefore, long time series derived from replicated and precisely dated ring-width chronologies may be utilized to extend climatic records into prehistoric times. Multivariate analyses of tree -ring chronologies from western North America are used to derive response functions from which one can ascertain what climatic information each ring -width chronology contains. In addition, multivariate analyses are utilized to calibrate a large number of ring -width chronologies of diverse response functions and from widely dispersed sites with a large number of regional climatic variables. A series of transfer functions are derived which allow estimates of anomalous climatic variation from tree -ring records. Reconstructions of anomalous variation in atmospheric circulation for portions of the northern hemisphere back to A.D. 1700 are obtained by applying the transfer functions to tree -ring data for time periods when ring data are available but climatic data are not.