• The Climate of Arizona: Prospects for the Future

      Brazel, Anthony J.; Fritts, Harold C.; Idso, Sherwood B.; Department of Geography, Arizona State University; Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, University of Arizona; U.S. Water Conservation Laboratory, Phoenix, Arizona (The State Climatologist for Arizona (Tempe, AZ), 1978)
      Introduction: The climate of any region sets the tempo of indigenous life styles and largely dictates the scale and type of economic activity that can be sustained. In Arizona, we are subject to perhaps more climatic restraints than are many other areas, due to the high air temperatures in summer and the rather low yearly rainfall. But, weather is variable; and its sum total -- climate -- is not unchanging either. Thus, in planning the future direction economic activity should take, prospects for changes in climate should be considered. In this paper we attempt to marshal the best evidence available to outline the possibilities for Arizona's future climate. We hope that the information will prove useful to those who must make the difficult decisions that will shape the character of our state in the years to come.