• Diagnosis and Distribution of Conifer Decay in the Swiss Rhone Valley: A Dendrochronological Study

      Schweingruber, F. H.; Kontic, R.; Niederer, M.; Nippel, C. A.; Winkler-Seifert, A.; Swiss Federal Institute of Forestry Research, Birmensdorf, Switzerland; Institute of Botany, University, Basel, Switzerland (Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1985)
      Abrupt, long -term growth reductions evident in annual ring sequences were visually identified and dated. The simple method used allowed relationship of the frequency of such reductions to site and industry. In the Valais, the first damage occured as early as 1921, with the greatest damage concentrated in the early seventies. From 1977 onwards, recovery is apparent in annual ring sequences from the Valais but not from the Swiss Mittel-land. No clear relationships between abrupt growth reduction and site or climate were found. Annual ring analysis indicates local and regional pollution as the cause of the reductions.