• Silage Corn Variety Trial in Central Arizona

      Wang, Guangyao (Sam); Taylor, Erin L.; Roth, Robert L.; Ottman, Michael J. (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2010-09)
      Information on silage corn yield and quality can help silage growers and users choose varieties that best fit their needs. We conducted a silage corn variety trial using 16 varieties that are commonly grown in the region. Variety RX940RR-2 produced the highest silage yield with an average of 28.2 ton/A and the variety 28V71 had the highest crude protein content (7.45%) among the varieties. Varieties that produced higher yield, higher crude protein, and lower NDF than the average of the sixteen varieties were 28V71, DKC67-88, and 818VT3.