• Oxyflourfen (Goal) for Selective Control of Little Malva in Seedling Alfalfa

      Thacker, Gary; Heathman, Stan; Ottman, Mike (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1987-09)
      Little Malva (Malva porviflora L.) is an important weed that is resistant to herbicides that will selectively control most other broadleaf weeds in alfalfa. Oxyfluorfen (Goal) has been placed under an Experimental Use Permit for alfalfa. In 1987, this herbicide was evaluated for the selective control of malva in alfalfa in the Avra Valley west of Tucson. Oxyfluorfen stunted both the malva and the alfalfa. However, the alfalfa was stunted to a lesser degree, and had begun to recover three weeks after the application of oxyfluorfen. The malva did not recover, and the alfalfa was relieved from weed competition three weeks after treatment.