• Variety Mixtures for Reduced Input Barley, 2006

      Ottman, Michael J.; Ottman, Michael J. (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2007-10)
      Variety mixtures may lessen competition among plants and reduce effects of stress particularly in environments where resources are limiting. Mixtures of four barley varieties were grown under low input conditions at the Maricopa Agricultural Center. The barley varieties seeded were Barcott, Solum, Solar, and an experimental low input line designated Entry 9. The highest yields were not obtained with mixtures in this experiment, but rather when the varieties were grown alone. Barcott and Entry 9 decreased yield when part of the mixture more than Solum or Solar. When Solum was grown in a mixture rather than alone, test weight and lodging were improved, but yield was decreased.