• Comparisions of Differing Rates of Baythroid 2® and WarriorT® Insecticides for Insect Control in Fall Alfalfa

      Rethwisch, Michael D.; Ottman, Michael (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2000-10)
      Various rates of two insecticides were tested for efficacy on threecornered alfalfa hopper and Empoasca sp. leafhoppers. Data were also collected for efficacy of insecticides on beneficial insects present. Hay quality samples were taken after baling. Both insecticides provided excellent control of threecornered alfalfa hopper, and Baythroid also controlled Empoasca sp.leafhoppers. Quality of hay was increased where threecornered alfalfa hoppers were controlled, although this control was for only eight days prior to cutting. A decrease in digestible hay protein was noted with increasing numbers of Empoasca sp. leafhoppers.