• Raised Bed Alfalfa Varietal Production in La Paz County, 1993-1994

      Winans, S. Sherwood; Rethwisch, Michael; Esquerra, Deb; Ottman, Michael (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1995-10)
      Twenty alfalfa varieties grown in small plots on raised beds were evaluated for forage production beginning in 1993 after planting in the fall of 1992. Data from four harvests, generally covering the summer months, were obtained annually. No variety produced more forage than CUF 101 in both 1993 and 1994, but the varieties Tillman and Moapa had higher total production during the two year period The varieties Rio and WL 516 had least amounts of forage production over the two year period, primarily due to low production in 1993. Percentage bloom and plant height were very highly correlated from the July 1993 harvest. Total forage production from 1993 -1994 may be correlated to the bloom and height measurements taken in July 1993, as Tillman, Moapa and CUF 101 had the highest percentage bloom, while Rio and WL 516 had the least bloom. Cibola and CW 2981 had greater than 240,000 crowns per acre following the 1994 season, followed by Tillman and Condor; WL 516, Madera, and AB19182 each had fewer than 180, 000 crowns per acre.