• Double Cropping Cotton after Small Grain in Graham County

      Kittock, D. L.; Taylor, B. B.; Daugherty, L. S.; Cluff, R. E.; Thatcher, M. L.; Romney, P. (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1984-02)
      Several upland cotton varieties and one Pima cotton variety were planted and watered up after Poco barley and Yecora Rojo wheat on the Safford Experimental Farm in 1983. Three upland varieties were planted and watered up on July 2. McNair 235 produced the most lint for all three late planting dates. Pima cotton produced the lowest yields. Single cropped DPL 90 produced $8.47 more income/acre than McNair 235, following Poco barley. However, double cropped cotton and barley produced $57.96 more/acre than single cropped cotton, followed by single cropped wheat.