• Cotton Planting Date and Planting Rate

      Kittock, D. L.; Taylor, B. B.; Cluff, R.; Thatcher, M. (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1984-02)
      DPL 41 and Pima S-5 cotton were planted at low, medium, and high planting rates on April 12, April 27, and May 10 on the Safford Experimental Farm in 1983. Heavy rains in late September and early October reduced lint yields. Pima S-5 produced 66% as much lint as DPL 41. Both varieties had the highest lint yield when planted on April 27. The highest planting rate produced the highest yield for DPL 41, while the medium planting rate produced the most lint for Pima S-5 on April 27.