• Evaluation of Date of Planting and Irrigation Termination on the Yield of Upland and Pima Cotton

      Silvertooth, J. C.; Watson, T. F.; Terry, L. I.; Malcuit, J. E.; Silvertooth, Jeff; Bantlin, Marguerite (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1991)
      Four flea experiments were conducted in 1990 in Arizona to evaluate the response of Upland and Pima cotton to dates of planting and dates of irrigation termination. Planting dates ranged from as early as 27 February in the Yuma Valley (150 ft. elevation) to 8 May at Marana (2,000 ft. elevation). Dates of irrigation termination ranged from 18 July in the Yuma Valley to 8 September at Maricopa and Marana.